Sonny Fucks Ian Dempsey

Apparently Ian got the short straw in the contest to see who would get stuffed by Sonny’s monster. Ian doesn’t look too pleased by the prospect, but could that be over acting?? Is there a bottom out there who wouldn’t want to ride Sonny’s stick? As for Sonny, he’s just thinking about one thing. “Try to stay hard,” he says to the cameraman when asked what’s on his mind.

The cameraman suggests one way to keep stiff is to fuck Ian hard. Maybe not good for Ian, but a visual treat for us!
The lads get nude and Ian gets on his knees. Ever since his first appearance, Ian has turned into a top-notch pole lover. He uses lots of spit, and likes to look in his scene partner’s face.

He works overtime to make Sonny happy. Ian’s own rod sticks out from all that sucking. Someone is excited. As for Sonny, he’s quiet. He does caress Ian’s locks as he gets serviced.? “It’s good,” Sonny says when the cameraman asks how things are going. Sonny sits on the bed and Ian gets back to work. His mouth is slightly open as Ian’s jaw muscles get a workout. The studio is filled with the sounds of Ian’s heavy breathing. Time for the main course. Sonny grabs a condom and Ian gets on the bed. He puts his legs in the air. Sonny saddles up and works his tool in. Watch Ian’s face. The poor lad is in shock. He bites his lip and grits the teeth. Sonny is too into that sweet ass to even care.

The strokes are balls deep, and the sound of flesh striking flesh gets louder. Ian’s hole is getting a makeover. He has to grab the edge of the bed to keep his balance.Our resident bottom boy is getting fucked right. “Oh, fuck that ass,” Ian whispers. He gets on his hands and knees and Sonny returns home. The stuffing is starting to get to Ian. He puts a hand on Sonny’s thigh to slow his top stud down. Sonny ignores the signal. He wants what’s his. Ian curses and grabs the sheets. There might be some pain, but his rod is sticking out. Ian’s joy button is getting mashed.

Sonny gets more lube, and Ian gets on his side. The fucking continues. Ian shoots, his cum covering the black sheets and his side. Sonny pumps away, depositing his load in the condom. “That was some good fucking,” the cameraman observes. Any disagreements?

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Sonny & Ian Dempsey

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Cameron W & Noah – Stud Fuck

Blakemason Blakemason
Blakemason Blakemason

It’s about time Cameron W came back for a nice hot fuck, isn’t it? And man, isn’t he looking good? You know those days when you’re just looking and feeling your best… well today was one of those days for Cameron and Noah – both were on top form and looking drop-dead gorgeous! They couldn’t wait to start ripping each other’s clothes off and crack on with a scorching hot Sunday afternoon shag… Who knew that Cameron was such a cock lover, eh? Even when faced with Noah’s fat nine inch dick it didn’t faze him in the slightest! If anything it just got him even more determined to swallow the whole of that monster, and swallow it he does, right to the base! But Noah’s cock guzzling prowess was also tested and I’m pleased to report that he managed to devour Cameron’s rock hard uncut cock with ease ;-) A simple exchange of a condom from hand to hand is all the words it takes for Noah to begin rolling it on and finding his way towards Cameron’s eager hole. Cameron opens up to accept all of Noah’s thick uncut meat and is soon begging for more! Noah happily obliges and really works that hole, thrusting the length (and girth!) of his cock in and out of Cameron’s ass. And once Cameron’s on his back his cock soon explodes sending jizz all over himelf… and then Noah rains his load all over him too!

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Jeremy Reeves

Another day, another newbie. Meet cutie pie Jeremy Reeves. The college student is on low on cash and figured a quick jerk off would change his finances. The runner (he did three miles before the shoot) is enjoying undergraduate life, getting to know all type of folk.?”I meet a lot of weird people. Cool people,” he says.?His lady friend doesn’t know he’s on our couch.

Jeremy doesn’t think she would respond well. ?”I think she would just be in shock and stop talking to me,” he says.?Straight girls are such drama queens! ?When it comes to sex he’s not that adventurous. He jerks off a few times a week. The lad is a little nervous, but when he shows us his meat it looks excited. Jeremy has a sexy habit of slapping his sausage in his hand. After a few strokes. Jeremy is at full attention. The boner likes to look at the ceiling.?Jeremy takes a seat.

He grabs his nuts as he strokes himself. When asked, Jeremy gives us a peek of his man hole. Even fingers it. He doesn’t look comfortable doing it, but who knows? Some extra bucks might make him open it up.

He returns all of his attention to his pole, occasionally pulling on those nuts. His bloated head shines as he jerks.?When it’s time to bust, his tool gets bigger. ?”I’m going to cum,”he whispers.?His juice splatters out, covering his hand and pubes. The spent stud gives a shy smile before the scene closes.?So? What do you think?

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Jeremy Reeves


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Romeo James & Cage

If there is anyone not excited by Cage’s return, please leave the building. You’re not welcome in
polite society!

The sexy newbie is back, relaxing on the bed with Romeo James. Remember when Romeo was just
a green rookie. He’s come back because work, laying concrete, isn’t paying all the bills. Also he
has some DUIs to take care of, and legal counsel isn’t cheap.

Cage is a little nervous about what will happen, but Romeo offers sage advice.

“Think of it as a girl giving you head,” Romeo says.

As for the cash he will be earning, Cage isn’t certain where it will go but isn’t worried.

“I’m certain I’ll find something to buy,” Cage notes.

Also he has a daughter and, like a good father, takes care of her.

Clothes are quickly stripped and Romeo is told to “work his magic.” He opens up and sucks away. His
tool is ready to play, but it takes some time for Cage’s beast to awaken. Cage tries to be nonchalant
at first, but that warm mouth does the trick.

Romeo’s tonsils are being pushed farther down his throat. Cage’s toy isn’t for beginners and effort
tears start to fill Romeo’s eyes.

“Here. I’m going to lick your ass. We’re going to break you in good,” Romeo says.

Cage puts those fine legs in the air, and Romeo goes to town on that hole.

“Oh, fuck,” Cage moans.

Romeo gets the Cage hole dripping wet with spit. When asked how it feels, Cage gives a definitive

“Fucking good,” he says.

All that work from Romeo has earned him a blow job, and Cage opens his mouth. Cage is a sexy
beast but is hotter with meat in his mouth. He laps slowly, and doesn’t back away when Romeo tries
to face fuck him. The stud even tries to deep throat. He can’t swallow all of the sausage, but looks
good trying.

Romeo returns to giving Cage oral pleasure. Spit and pre-cum drip from Romeo’s mouth. As he
blows away, Romeo jerks his own staff. His man juice lands on his forearm and hand as he continues to suck.

Cage blows next. He warns Romeo he’s about to shoot, but Romeo doesn’t stop sucking Cage’s
meat. If you remember Cage’s solo, the boy shoots LOTS of juice. He does the same today, which
Romeo spits back on Cage’s stomach.

Cage gives Romeo a head rub for being a good trooper.

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Romeo James & Cage?


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Brandon Beale and Kyle Johnson Flip

Brandon Beale and Kyle Johnson start out romancing in this update. Their smooching sounds fill the
studio. As they suck face, the lads take off each other’s clothes. When only their skivvies remain, both show tents! Who said kissing doesn’t make you hard? :-)

They kiss and tug their tools through the underwear. Kyle pulls Brandon’s shorts off, and gets on
his knees. The sound of kissing is replaced with Kyle lapping Brandon’s bone. Kyle is on that meat
like he must have it.

“Oh, my God,” Brandon whispers.

He guides Kyle by putting a hand on the back of Kyle’s head. No need really. Kyle knows where his prize is.
“Suck on my hard dick,” Brandon orders.

There’s a lot of meat, so Kyle doesn’t deep throat. But Brandon makes up for that by fucking Kyle’s pretty mouth. Watch how the spit, and pre-cum, dribbles out of Kyle’s mouth and lands on the floor.

“Rub my balls,” Brandon commands.

He brings Kyle up for some kissing, which Kyle returns with passion. Then it’s Brandon’s turn to
suck pole.

“It feel’s so good,” Kyle says.

Brandon licks the head and gobbles up and down the shaft. He even deep throats, at Kyle’s

“Oh, fuck yeah. That’s good,” Kyle moans.

Kyle’s cock has never strained this much since he’s been with BSB.

“There you go. You’ re hitting the spot,” Kyle notes.

Brandon’s perky ass will get plugged first. He grabs the chair, and Kyle saddles up behind him.
Once he’s in, bare, the pounding is deep and long. Brandon might be groaning like he’s being split in half, but when he tells Kyle to “smack his ass” you know the stud is in bottom heaven.

“Fuck that’s tight,” Kyle groans.

He gives those sweet cheeks another slap, making sure Brandon takes it all.

“My turn now,” Brandon says.
Kyle gets on the bed, like a good doggie (smile). Brandon slathers lube on his sausage and enters in a slow motion. Poor Kyle. He can’t himself. Gives a satisfied bottom boy sigh. :-)

Brandon is stuffing that ass up and Kyle is loving it.

“Fuck that hole,” he whimpers.

Kyle encourages Brandon to give it to him, and Brandon is a polite boy. He does exactly that. The
sound of skin against skin fills the studio.

There’s more kissing when Kyle gets on his back. This position permits Brandon to plunge deeper.
Kyle’s johnson is rock hard as Brandon has his way with him.

“Look at me,” Brandon orders.

He picks up the speed and Kyle takes every inch. He calls to the gods and the fist jizz from his cock
splatters his chest.

Brandon pulls out and strokes a load that literally covers Kyle’s butt cheeks and hole. Brandon
makes sure to take some of that juice and put it in Kyle’s boy pussy.

The guys kiss and it’s all over. Whew! LOL

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Brandon Beale & Kyle Johnson


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Straight Sexy Jayden

Blakemason Blakemason
Blakemason Blakemason

Jayden is another complete newbie, who is about to explode into our world with a large bang! He is the kind of guy that once he decides to do something he is going to do it all out… I think soon you will be seeing this fella everywhere, but you can see him at BLAKEMASON first! At just 21 this all man, muscle toned, gym fit sex god wants to make his mark on the porn scene, and I think he is going to do well! Jayden has a very cool attitude about him, taking everything in his stride, even this jerk off for the camera was a walk in the park for him. Although he claims he is straight he sure asked a lot of questions about the gay world, and seemed just that slight bit too interested! Originally Jayden hails from Bulgaria but now lives, works and studies in Liverpool, we chat about his life, loves, and his first time with an older more experienced girl before he stands and pulls his fit body out of his tight white t shirt… This guy looks as if he lives in a gym, his pecs are big and powerful, his abs are rock solid and his legs are simply two bulging trunks! That is noy the only thing that is bulging, from inside his boxers is a low hanging set of cock and balls waiting to be set free, so I could only do the polite thing and get him to remove them… from there Jayden is left to enjoy himself, and man, he sure does, working his thick uncut cock to full mast, and keeping it there, spreading his ass for us, and showing us everything we want to see, including a very very impressive load which shoots all over the place.

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It’s a good day to get fucked

Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

We’ve got three broke boys in the room today; Romeo James, Kaden Alexander and Cage Kafig. If this blog had sound effects you’d be hearing applause, sirens, explosions, and dogs barking. This threesome is going to be too hot for words. Let’s get fucking

The boys get started by lubing up…not their dicks but Kayden’s legs. He’s a little ashy but apparently lube is a great moisturizer. Once Kayden’s legs are up to code the boys undress. Romeo is already hard! I think any man with a pulse would be in this room. “Hard dicks and helicopters” Kayden taunts. They lube up and this time its their dicks. Romeo stands on the bed and gets a blowjob from Cage, while Kayden blows Cage. Cage and Kayden are both excellent cocksuckers! They fully inhale the dicks in their mouths while Romeo has a bird eye’s view of all the action. The camera zooms in on Kayden, spotlighting the way he hungrily swallows Cage’s big cock while jacking his own uncut meat. Cage slurps and pacifies himself on Romeo dicks while sounds of moaning fill the air. This is already one hot threesome! That flavored lube must be really good. Romeo climbs off the bed for a taste test. He pops Kayden’s big dick in his mouth and begins to blowing away. His skills immediately have Kayden moaning loudly. Meanwhile, Cage’s volume is increasing as Kayden’s blows his brains out. Romeo takes as much cock as he can but he soon finds himself gagging. That’s what happens when you get to the Cock Sucking Olympics. Romeo isn’t deterred. He gets right back to sucking and licking Kayden’s juicy meat pole.

Ready to be fucked, Kayden lies back and offers his ass to Romeo. Romeo invades his caramel hole, pressing his dick in raw. Cage doesn’t care if Kayden is preoccupied or not, he stuffs his baby leg right back into Kayden’s mouth. I try to contain my jealousy and live vicariously while Kayden acts out one of my personal fantasies; getting pig roasted by two hot straight boys. Kayden hums out muffled moans as Romeo plows his ass and holds those lubed legs apart.

Cage, ready to get his own dick warm in some man booty, lays Romeo down on his back and slides inside him. That hairy ass of Romeo’s has had many guest appearances in my dreams. Cage’s raw cock glides in and out of it. Kayden stands on the bed and implants his dick in Cage’s mouth. I wonder if Cage is practiced enough to fuck and suck at the same time. My question is soon answered. Kayden holds Romeo’s leg out of the way, allowing Cage to get at his dick with his mouth. Not one to be outdone at multitasking Romeo grabs Cage’s arm and starts to suck on his finger. Hot! Cage fucks past Romeo’s hairy entrance, going in and out at breakneck speed. All three boys are calling out in pleasure.Kayden moves down to Romeo and dips his dick back into Romeo’s warm mouth. He watches Cage batter Romeo’s booty until he’s jealous and ready for his turn. Kayden pulls Romeo to him and stuffs his big black cock inside. Cage finds a place for his own pole; and that’s back in Kayden’s mouth. “That feels so good” Romeo belts out form below. He’s not the only one crying out; “Fuck yeah, suck that dick”, Cage commands while having his big sausage devoured by Kayden.

Romeo is in . He squirts man milk all over his belly. Kayden and Cage add to Romeo’s sperm collection by blasting their loads all over him! I could populate an entire nation with thousands of BSB bastards from all the baby batter on Romeo’s chest! In an attempt to help Kayden stay moisturized, Romeo rubs some of the cum on his legs. I have some more if he needs it!

Check out?Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

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Kai & Sean H

Blakemason Blakemason
Blakemason Blakemason

Well what can I say? BLAKEMASON have gone and done it again with Kai and Sean H! There is no messing about Kai and Sean are into each other within minutes! With some very heavy blow jobs (and in Sean’s case face fucking!) under their belts it was over to Sean to prepare Kai’s greedy, desperate little hole that was begging to get fucked! And in case you haven’t noticed, these guys were so into it that Kai’s jeans (if you can call them that!) even stayed on as Sean’s fat dick entered his ass ;-) That just about sums up how crazy these guys were to get off with one another and it sure is one hurried, frantic fuck. Sean slams himself relentlessly and deeply into Kai, moving him from position to position until Kai finally begged for his jeans to come off. He really wanted nothing between his ass and Sean’s chunky dick and once off, it enabled Sean to really fuck deep! Sensing Kai’s pleasure, Sean gripped Kai’s cock at the same time as ploughing his sweet ass and it’s not long before his efforts made Kai’s cock spunk its first load out! Sean then pulled out and spilled his own creamy load right before Kai (who is was still super horny!) tugged another load out from his still hard cock… simply perfect :-) The fun does not stop there with bonus footage which certainly put a smile on my face! Thank you BLAKEMASON.

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